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NAKALA is a data repository that aims to preserve and disseminate data produced by French research projects in the Humanities and Social Sciences, in compliance with the FAIR principles (see NAKALA is primarily intended for research projects carried out by institutions affiliated with the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

NAKALA is a service offered by the IR* Huma-Num, a research infrastructure dedicated to the digital humanities ( Our main mission is to provide tools for processing the digital data produced by French research projects in the Humanities and Social Sciences (Cf and - Page 130).

NAKALA is listed as the national data repository for SHS research data (Cf and is part of the "Recherche Data Gouv" national data repository ecosystem ( as a reference data repository for the Humanities and Social Sciences

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Design, development and hosting

NAKALA is developed and maintained by IR* Huma-Num:

Atelier Universel, Sword and Sparna contributed to the design and development of Nakala.


Participants in the NAKALA adventure since 2014

Ariane Allet
Thomas Audo
Xavier Auffret
Yannick Barborini
Olivier Baude
Alain Belvindrah
Laurent Capelli
Adrien Desseigne
Julie Erismann
Jean-François Farge
Gérald Foliot
Thomas Francart
Michel Jacobson
Hélène Jouguet
Adeline Joffres
Hélène Jouguet
Shadia Kilouchi
Nicolas Larrousse
Joël Marchand
Stéphane Pouyllau
Sara Tandar
Franck Tempia-Bonda
Bruno Vanderaert